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Why an FTO-screening search?

Why an FTO-screening search?

An FTO-screening search is considered a cost-efficient search compared to a regular FTO. Besides the cost factor, there are more reasons to choose an FTO-screening search… An FTO search is important at different stages in an innovation process. The earlier the search...

The role of Information Specialists in R&D

The role of Information Specialists in R&D

We welcome our latest colleague Jonas Hasler by interviewing him about his experience working in a company with highly R&D driven culture and his role as an information specialist in the R&D department pushing the innovation process forward.   Good...

The verdict on Uppdragshuset

The verdict on Uppdragshuset

We know that a customer inquiry is not the most fun thing to fill in. Despite that, we insist on sending one, year after year… And why is that? The answer is, by evaluating your responses, we can, and we will, improve ourselves and our services. Throughout the whole...