We work under the principle that participation creates added value. We offer collaboration based on a cost-effective approach, in which we provide what the customer really needs and requests. This means in practice that we tailor each order and delivery to the specific requirements of each commission, to optimise the result and minimise the resources required.

In order to achieve our high demands for quality, work at Uppdragshuset is conducted in project form, in which at least two people collaborate on each commission or topic. Our working processes ensure we continually develop ourselves and constantly test new approaches with the purpose of improving our skills and competencies. Ceaseless further development of all our consultants in technology and intellectual property rights is a requirement.

The work of innovation advisors and information specialists requires expertise in three areas:

• High technical and analytical ability
• Legal experience and well-founded practical understanding of intellectual property rights
• Understanding of business processes and market strategies



    Our core values

    Each Uppdragshuset employee is anchored in the following core values:

    Caring, Curiosity and Courage. These key tenants are ingrained in our entire business culture from our daily workflow and internal procedures to our relationship with you.

    When engaging in a task, or any communication, we do so wholly, so that ample attention is afforded to meet each other’s needs. We ensure that every meeting, both with clients and colleagues, is conducted in a professional manner.

    We share a genuine interest in technology and seek to understand and broaden our knowledge base. We strive for continuous development, constantly reassessing and developing our working methods.

    We have the courage to challenge the norm. We encourage direct communication. We dare to act against prevailing norms, knowing that doing so may lead to growth.