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An FTO Screening is considered an effective infringement risk assessment strategy balanced against a sensible budget for the assignment, as our search results provide a representative overview of the clearence situation. This is often enough for strategic decisions or to indicate the need for further investigations.

“I have used the FTO screening approach to infringement risk searching since I feel it strikes a pragmatic balance between coverage and cost, which the client appreciates.”

Sullivan Fountain

Partner, Keltie

Mitigate risk, streamline product development, and ensure your business operates freely in the market.

FTO Screening

FTO Screening is a fixed budget search aimed at finding and presenting patent documents with the most relevant claiming scopes covering the concept or set of key features that are of most interest to you.

FTO Search

In our regular FTO search service, we aim to find all documents that may pose an infringement risk. As each and every case is unique, the search strategy and time budget are always determined in consultation with you.

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