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About Uppdragshuset

What we do

The services that Uppdragshuset offers focus on two areas:

  • Consultancy services in searching, analysis and innovation advising
  • Development of IT systems to support innovation processes

Our consultancy services offer practical and useful advice regarding risks and opportunities relating to intellectual property rights. We have specialist skills and long experience of searching, analysing and assessing technical information. This includes, among other things, novelty searches, infringement analysis, validity searches and surveillance of competitors.

The IT systems we develop support the practical work of innovation and make it more efficient. ArchiveOnline is a web-based system that simplifies the workflow of innovation processes and competitive surveillance. The analysis module Automatch helps when setting priorities and reaching decisions concerning new ideas. It works in the background and automatically draws up decision-support information in the form of documents that are similar to the idea in question.

Who turns to us?

We aim at the following categories of clients:

  • Companies active in research and development
  • Patent attorneys and law firms
  • Financers of innovation such as venture capital companies, banks, ALMI, innovation bureaus and universities

Our broad customer base provides us with good insight into, and deep understanding of, how intellectual property rights can be used as a business tool, for various types of stakeholder. Our customers are located across the globe, from Asia to the US, most of them in Europe.

Who we are

Uppdragshuset today consists of 16 consultants organised into two departments: one staffed with information specialists and innovation advisors within intellectual property rights (IPR), and the other staffed with three IT developers working to build new support systems.

Our consultants have massive technical skills and long experience of innovation advising. All of our consultants are graduate engineers, and all have previously worked at national patent offices, examining and assessing both national and international patent applications. Our IT developers have long experience of various development projects, both internally and in collaboration with customers.

More detailed presentations of the personnel at Uppdragshuset are available here.