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Uppdragshuset Sverige AB was founded in 2000 by four patent engineers. During the first few years, we focused on services derived from our roles as information specialists. We have subsequently grown and widened our range of services and products.

What Uppdragshuset can offer today includes:

  • Analysis of company strategies based upon intellectual property rights
  • High-quality advice concerning risks and possibilities in the innovation process
  • Development of smart administration systems that support innovation processes

Technical development  

Uppdragshuset has always been active in the development of new working methods within innovation consultancy. This development is never-ending, and we are always striving to introduce new services and products. Technical milestones during the history of the company include:

2001 – First to offer on-line ordering via the Internet
We were the first in the industry to offer on-line ordering over the internet. We introduced the same year a standard procedure in which documents are always processed by OCR, such that customers can search them. This is more or less an industry-wide standard today.

2004 – ArchiveOnline launched
We were pioneers in the field, and one of the first to offer a web-based administration tool, ArchiveOnline. At the time this was a simple system for managing patent information. ArchiveOnline today has achieved its full potential and become a full-featured platform for supporting innovation processes and monitoring flows.

2006 – Nordiska Patent (Nordic Patent) Launched
Uppdragshuset has created the free internet service Nordiska Patent. When it was launched, it was the first complete national patent database in the world to be placed on the internet, to be closely followed by Google’s corresponding service in the US three months later! The new service presented all Swedish patents in a form suitable for full-text search. Nordiska Patent can be licensed for use by commercial database services. A free app for smartphones is now also available.

2008 – Quality Agent launched
In 2008 we launched the first version of Quality Agent, an instrument to determine the quality of patent information in national databases. Quality Agent allows us to increase the added value we offer, by assessing the quality of patent data suppliers. Results from our studies have been discussed at the IRF symposium in Vienna in 2009, and in other forums.

2011 – Uppdragshuset receives VINNOVA grant
Uppdragshuset was awarded a grant by VINNOVA to develop a new system to draw up decision-support documentation automatically. This contributes to, for example, the more accurate setting of priorities among the various inventions in the innovation process of a company, since similar documents are automatically retrieved in a background process. The result was our Automatch system.

2014 – Uppdragshuset + World Patent Technology = True

Uppdragshuset has since start been working under the principle “Supporting the client’s decision by developing ourselves and our services.” One further step in this direction is to get more competent colleagues through the takeover of the competitor World Patent Technology AB (WPT).

WPT, which has been on the market since 1990, has a long experience in the assessment of patentability and analysis of technical documentation from an innovation perspective. This means that Uppdragshuset from 2014-04-08 offers an expanded pool of skilled consultants and that we thus better meet our customers’ needs.