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Our way of working

We contribute to the success of our customers under the principle that participation creates added value. New ideas are introduced by dialogue, as are thoughts that improve the result. We offer collaboration based on a cost-effective approach, in which we provide what the customer really needs and requests. This means in practice that we tailor each order and delivery to the specific requirements of each commission, in order to optimise the result and minimise the resources required.

We place a great deal of importance on understanding the nature of each commission, such that resources and results provide the maximum benefit. The work of innovation advisors and information specialists requires expertise in three areas:

  • High technical and analytical ability
  • Legal experience and well founded practical understanding of intellectual property rights
  • Understanding of business processes and market strategies



Further development of our consultant’s competencies
The role of innovation advisor requires high expertise, long experience, an open mind, and the ability to listen and understand the needs and desires of customers. Ceaseless further development of all our consultants in technology and intellectual property rights is a fundamental requirement. In order to ensure that we are always positioned in the technical and judicial vanguard, we invest continuously in 10 days of education and development for each consultant, every year.

Work methodology and processes
In order to achieve our high demands for quality, work at Uppdragshuset is conducted in project form, in which at least two people collaborate on each commission or topic. We have also developed working processes for various types of commission, in order to secure the best possible quality and efficiency.

All investigations are carried out in a minimum of two major commercial patent databases and/or article databases, and they are carried out in several languages. The languages that we master fluently are Swedish, English, German, French, Finnish, Arabic, Polish and Russian.

To work with innovation is an honor and a privilege of trust that we are well aware of and value. Therefore, we surround each assignment with rigorous secrecy. Please contact us regarding specific questions about our security system and routines.