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Practical support tools are necessary to be able to follow up projects and keep track of all the associated documentation. It may be important to be able to trace back to decisions easily, to see who is responsible for what and to facilitate the work process with new ideas and innovations.

We are continuously developing new IT systems that support the practical work of innovation. Our objective is to offer through these systems a smarter and more efficient way of working, making your life easier. We focus in particular on the following areas:

  • Automatic background matching, in order to create decision-support material for, for example, new invention proposals
  • Efficiently sifting through large quantities of documents, which may be necessary when surveying the technical landscape or carrying out an infringement search (Freedom To Operate)
  • Automated work flows in which documents are automatically passed to recipients depending on choices made and priorities set
  • Ordering and follow up of consultancy services for innovation projects, such as searches and assessments.