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Infringement search (Freedom to operate)

An infringement search may be needed, for example, before the launch of a product, when seeking external financing, or during establishment in a new area of technology. It is vital in such cases to identify possible impediments and dependencies on the patents of competitors on the market, in order to reduce the risk of infringement. The purpose of the investigation may be to identify active patents whose protective scope covers a certain area, or to identify older prior art technology that constitutes an obstruction to novelty in the technical area.

We design each search in dialog with you
We always strive to achieve dialogue with you when developing search profiles for infringement searches. All of our consultants have experience from national patent offices, which means that they have the expertise required to analyse and interpret claims. The report is based on the special requirements of each commission, and can be anything from an oral presentation to a written assessment and the associated references to the protective scope of overlapping patent claims.

The project is often divided into several stages in order to optimise cost-effectiveness. It can start with a preliminary investigation with a novelty-analysis perspective that focuses on the claim scope. This may be followed by a more focussed search of the primary competitors and regions, and – where necessary – by a supplementary, broader search of patent claims.