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Validity search

We search for supplementary, novelty-obstructing material that concerns a patent, when faced with an objection or lawsuit relating to invalidation or licensing. We also investigate whether the patent has been correctly granted, and we can assess possible limitations. This work includes an analysis of the previous work, and this often leads to new pathways for our searches, based on such questions as:

  • Which national patent offices have carried out searches and which documents have they identified as relevant?
  • Which databases were available at the time, and which search profiles were used?
  • When were the previous searches carried out?

Using this analysis we then design an appropriate search strategy utilizing the newest, largest commercial patent and article databases to maximize our ability to find every eventual case that can influence or obstruct the current situation.

This analysis enables us to develop our own search strategy. We always combine several large commercial patent databases and article databases, such that we can find all possible impediments that affect the assessment of novelty. Searches are carried out in several languages, to ensure that nothing is lost in translation. The languages that we master fluently are English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Polish and Russian. The report that we draw up is normally based on a mapping of the documentation found for each distinctive feature of the claims, in a process known as “claim charting”.