General information about our services

An innovation process, from the first spark of idea to product launch, includes several decision making and priority setting steps. To navigate these steps successfully and efficiently it is necessary to have access to accurate, well-compiled and concise information tailored for each specific project.

We at Uppdragshuset are ready to meet your needs, wherever in the innovation process you may find yourself. Whether you are brainstorming at the beginning of a project, in a development phase, preparing for launch, or countering a claim from a competitor regarding patent protection – we are able to help.

Typical issues that form the basis for our commissions are:

• Searching a specific area of technology to support a strong project start.
• Defining known technologies around an idea and researching possibilities to patent it.
• Analysing and mapping trends in a specific technical area.
• Investigating the validity of a patent.
• Assessing the infringement risk of a product in relation to existing patents.
• Monitoring an area of technology, competitors, or markets.

Please see our specific pages to learn more about our services.



You may contact us and place your order in one of the following ways:

• By using our ArchiveOnline interface. You can read more about ArchiveOnline on our website or by visiting
• By e-mail, addressed to or mail, addressed to Uppdragshuset Sverige AB, Maria Skolgata 83, 118 53 Stockholm, Sweden.
• By booking a meeting here.
• By using your patent management system (PMS), we have experience with several PMSs.


After having contacted us, we will discuss the details of your case with you including the desired delivery format and based on that, you will receive a quote and an expected delivery date specific to your case.

Please bear in mind that we can work more efficiently, and therefore deliver better results, the more thoroughly prepared material we receive. If you have already carried out investigations of your own, we welcome if you describe these in the order.