Uppdragshuset is a comprehensive supplier of competitive surveillance and combines the expertise of our consultants with our web-based system ArchiveOnline. You are supported throughout the process with everything from setting up profiles and receiving material from ArchiveOnline, to continuous monitoring and updating of search profiles.

Based on cooperation with you, we identify your requirements and resources, then discuss the purpose and scope of the surveillance in order to achieve the optimal result.

We then draw up a surveillance profile of your competitors and/or the area of technology. It is our aim to create a profile that covers the desired area of technology and gives correct hits (high recall), while at the same time is subject to an acceptable noise level and a suitable number of hits (high precision). It is often our goal that the profile does not generate more than an agreed upon number of hits in each delivery, saving you time and money.

We can follow up and optimise the profile after the first delivery. You receive the result and then classify the documents found as relevant or irrelevant. We use this information to revise the profile. The surveillance results are subsequently sent to you as often as you specify.

For even better handling of the surveillance documentation ArchiveOnline can be supplemented by the Workflow module.