Interview with our new colleague Carolina Franciscangelis

  1. We are curious, what did you do before you came to us at Uppdragshuset?

I am an electrical engineer as background and worked mostly as a researcher and project manager in research institutes and companies, both in Brazil and in Sweden. My field was optical fiber-based solutions for sensing and telecommunications, in which I have a MSc and a PhD degree. It was during my PhD studies in Brazil, in the University of Campinas, that I was granted a one-year guest researcher position to develop part of my PhD project at Acreo, now RISE AB, a research institute in Sweden. I moved permanently to Sweden straight after finishing my PhD studies in 2017.


  1. How did you come across the ad that we were looking for new colleagues and what made you apply?

I saw the job advertisement on LinkedIn. After reading about the work of a patent analyst and the job requirements I realized how it perfectly matched the skills I’ve acquired during my research and project manager career. I felt that it would be amazing to work in a profession in which I believe I am employing all the knowledge and capabilities acquired along my academic and professional life.


  1. What is the best thing about working at Uppdragshuset?

So many things, I would say! 😊 Not only Uppdragshuset provides a solid and well-structured training on Patent Information for new employees like me, but it also has a strong team of experts which are always happy to help, share knowledge and experience. In addition, the company environment is very healthy and friendly, and you feel very valued here.


  1. What would you say is the biggest challenge in working as a Patent Information Specialist?

Perhaps not a challenge per se, but a special characteristic of the job: it is important to achieve a good balance between looking at the invention with the inventor’s eyes and with a more analytical and neutral mindset, which, at the same time, allows to understand the invention properly and make sure that you use the right search strategy.


  1. …and what would you say is the most rewarding/interesting/fun thing about working as a Patent Information Specialist?

I would say it is the fact that you are in constant contact with breaking technologies and bright ideas from many different fields, so you are always learning something new on a daily basis, which, for someone that came from a research background like me, it is extremely rewarding and fun. At the same time, as I mentioned above, you use every single capability and technical knowledge you accumulated along your academic and professional life, which for me is extremely valuable and necessary when it comes to a career path. In addition, the fact that your work helps the inventors on their path to patent their ideas is very satisfactory.


  1. If you have any free time… What do you do?

I am an open water swimmer, so during my free time you can find me enjoying the amazing lakes and sea areas around Stockholm.


By that we say thanks a lot Carolina for sharing, and a big Welcome to Uppdragshuset!