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We handle even the most complex validity searches with precision. Our experienced consultants can help you identify relevant prior art that may challenge the validity of a patent.

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No matter where, no matter what, we will find it. That is our mission and our passion. We call it “The Art of Finding”.

”UH always delivers timely and accurate searches, which facilitates decision-making. They have a good technical understanding and are very proficient in the art of searching. They are also a very nice bunch.”

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What Validity Services does Uppdragshuset offer?

Of course, you can decide on an arbitrary level of a search, and we also provide two predefined levels of validity searches. The approach used for each level is related to the business importance of the case. The major difference is simply time, where more time provides us with the opportunity to design the search more broadly from start, and to investigate alternative search strategies.

Validity search

A high-quality search suitable for most patent issues that may be troublesome to the client, such as oppositions, PTABs or possible infringements. Our specialists in the field will look for any new documents that may be of relevance for patentability.

Premium validity search

A high-quality search with more time at our disposal for cases that are more business critical for clients, such as license negotiations, litigations and infringements. Our most experienced specialists will explore new approaches to finding documents that should have been considered during the granting process.

No matter where, no matter what, we will find it. That is our mission and our passion. We call it “The Art of Finding”.

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