Practical support tools are necessary to follow up projects and keep track of all the associated documentation. It may be important to be able to trace back to decisions easily, to see who is responsible for different areas and to facilitate the work process with new ideas and innovations.

We have developed platforms that support the practical processes of innovation, with the objective of making these processes smarter and more efficient. We focus in particular on the following areas:
• Automatic background matching, in order to create decision-support material for, for example, new invention proposals.
• Efficiently sifting through large quantities of documents, which may be necessary when surveying the technical landscape or carrying out an infringement search.
• Automated work flows in which documents are automatically delivered to the right recipients.
• Ordering and follow up of consultancy services for innovation projects, such as searches and assessments.

As of 2017, development and daily maintenance of our tools is carried out by our spin-off company IPscreener. For more information and demos, visit



Uppdragshuset has developed the web-based system ArchiveOnline to handle ordering and delivery of our services, and for the review and management of documents. The system functions also as a digital archive in which patent data is automatically updated.

ArchiveOnline can be adapted to suit your internal processes for managing inventions, to register orders and review results. Users can, for example, be assigned to groups with associated privileges, in order to tailor the possibilities for them to edit data and documents. The system makes it easy to comment on and rank documents, and to forward them on to further involved parties.

The interface of ArchiveOnline can be adapted such that patent agencies, large companies or search firms can use their own profile, with logos and colours for their specific customers. Customers and orders are managed through the portal. Commissions can be ordered and results can be delivered in a secure and easy-to-use manner.

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Workflow is a supplementary module for ArchiveOnline that can be used in processes in which a large quantity of documents is to be managed and/or a large number of people are involved. This may be the case in, for example, infringement searches or competitive surveillance.
Workflow supports the work process and makes it clear where in the process a particular document is located, what the next step is, and who is meant to carry it out. Further, the system makes it possible to monitor and overview progress of work processes, the locations of any bottlenecks, and the areas of responsibility of each involved individual.

We develop a workflow in collaboration with you, with checkpoints for the review of documents and criteria for determining how each document is to proceed further in the organisation.



The innovation process extends from the original idea all the way the product or service in use. A huge amount of resources are used along this pathway to pick out the unique ideas that have commercial potential. Pressure of time forces you to rapidly filter out all previously known concepts, and the problem is to be able to focus exclusively on the promising ideas. IPscreener offers a unique opportunity in this work, making it possible to filter out large quantities of ideas in an efficient manner.

By automatically comparing ideas with previous concepts using an artificial intelligence based semantic search engine, IPscreener retrieves and presents documents that are most relevant to your idea. If no match to previous concepts is found, this suggests that your idea has potential. In this way, each examination of an idea during the innovation process becomes a simple matter of comparison.

In order to be able to deliver the best performance, IPscreener is adapted and adjusted to work in your specific technical area. This means that you interact with a dataset that belongs just to your company and is adapted to it. The system has been implemented as an independent module that can be easily integrated with existing commercial or in-house patent administration systems as a background service.

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