During a novelty search, we aim to produce an overview of known technology (the prior art) around an idea or a product. The depth of analysis is determined in consultation with you. You may choose between four fixed-budget packages, which differ in the amount of time we spend with your case, which in turn determines the depth of the investigation and the format of the report. You may, of course, also choose to determine the time budget yourself, in which case we apply our hourly rate.

It goes without saying that the more time we have available to search the greater the probability that relevant material can be found, thus the result is more reliable. However, sometimes a limited amount of time is sufficient for a satisfactory assessment of a case. Our experience and expertise allow us to give you sound recommendations regarding the necessary time budget for your specific case judging by your inventive concept as well as your requirements in terms of report format, resources we consult or the number of documents we cite.

The more thoroughly prepared material we receive, the better results we can deliver. For this reason, we encourage you to formulate the inventive concept based on the problem it solves and the suggested solution, with specific emphasis on the most important features that differentiate the inventive concept from known solutions. Our recommendation is to formulate the invention concisely (around ½ – 2 pages) and include figures for clearer understanding. If you have already carried out investigations of your own, we welcome if you describe these in the order.

Below are the descriptions of our four fixed-budget novelty search packages.


Knock-Out Search

We carry out a brief investigation based on your case and provide you a short report with a list of documents we have identified as relevant. This type of report is meant to give an indication of opportunities or risks, thereby facilitating decision making regarding the future of the specific idea.


Basic novelty search

We carry out a more thorough search, primarily based on extracts from patent documentation and potentially other technical literature. The report contains a brief analysis and comments relating to the relevant area of technology.


Standard novelty search

We carry out a deeper investigation of the area of technology based not only on patent information but also technical literature, abstracts and full text alike. We provide a report with an analysis and comments concerning the connection between key features and cited prior art.


Extended novelty search

We carry out an investigation that is equivalent to one performed by a national patent office, based on several different sources of information (patent documentation as well as other technical literature). The investigation is often based on patent claim drafts. We provide a report that presents an exhaustive analysis and comments.