What is QPIP?


Did you hear about the recently introduced professional standard QPIP that a patent information professional can hope to achieve? QPIP stands for Qualified Patent Information Professional and was introduced through a collaboration of the Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups (CEPIUG), the Patent Documentation Group (PDG), and the Patent Information User Group (PIUG). The CEPIUG is the federation of the European patent information user groups and provides a platform for exchange between the national groups. CEPIUG was founded in 2008 to promote the sharing of experiences and expertise in patent searching across Europe. In total nearly 1000 individual members of 10 national user groups are represented by the CEPIUG.

The first opportunity to become a QPIP was in 2018 through prior experience recognition, and the first exam, which spanned two full days, was held in the start of 2021. A Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) has the proven competence of patent searching and in-depth knowledge about what data platforms to use and how to search them. With a growing number of search services, the QPIP certification aims to give a kind of quality assurance and a recognition of profession. Uppdragshuset is proud to announce that we have the largest number of Qualified Patent Information Professionals of any search firm in the world and hope to add a couple of more after this year’s exam. Four of our colleagues participated in this year’s exam.


For more information about QPIP visit https://www.qpip.org/