An interview with Preeti

1 Tell us a little bit about you (background, competence, earlier experiences etc.)?

I am a post-graduate (master’s in technology in 2007) in computer science from one of the reputed universities in India. I worked as a Software Developer at the start of my professional career but soon switched to Patent searching and analysis in 2008. Since then, I have worked with client based and inhouse patent projects with different companies. For the last few years, I worked as freelancer for different invalidity projects.


2 What are your favorite leisure time activities?

I like to spend my time by reading different types of books. When I am not reading, I go for long walks while listening to music.


3 Why did you apply to Uppdragshuset (what made you apply and what made you decide on joining)?

After some years in freelancing, I was looking for a more permanent opportunity. I came across an opening with Uppdragshuset. This company works with diverse clients and technology which attracted me to go for it. Smooth and clear interview discussions helped me to understand their vision and clarity about work, which made me to join.


4 What are your daily tasks?

After being allocated a search, I analyze the invention, find the key features related to the invention and write the summary.  Based on the features and summary, I move on to searching and analyzing documents and conclude the report after discussing with a Sparris (sparring partner).


5 What do you want to achieve at Uppdragshuset?

I want to be the high quality delivering professional in the team who always thrive for being better each day.


6 Is there anything that you think distinguishes Uppdragshuset?

Not one but many. I found the team highly skilled and client oriented. The beauty of this company which I like the most is flat hierarchy. Moreover, everyone taking responsibility to achieve better, and helping the team to achieve better, distinguishes the company from others.