Automating Uppdragshuset

Automation is a broad field which aims to reduce human input in tasks. Automation is ever present in our lives, as well as in our work, we can see its application in the tools we use, as well as the patents we work with. Having seen the possibilities, we decided it was time to further automate at Uppdragshuset!

One of the problems we have at Uppdragshuset is administrative tasks. Manual work has been required for each case and each customer and manually applied within different systems. The manual work necessary has been increasing as the number of customers and cases has grown. Not only that but as we have developed new products such as Knock-Out searches, which are time sensitive, we cannot afford for time to be wasted on such administrative tasks.

The solution we envisioned was an order handling and registration system. This was developed for us and tailored to our needs by an external partner. We wanted a centralized place for inputting new orders and scheduling our workflow as well as including information necessary to provide services specific to each client. However, once we saw the possibilities the project grew to further include time reporting, statistics, and hopefully soon automation of planning. The system was developed for growth, having space for future colleagues, clients and increasing order numbers, which will be manageable with minimal increase in labor.

The system put in place has exceeded our initial expectations and we have been able to automate more than we initially thought would be possible. It is only a starting point, and we hope to develop the system further. By automating so much of our administrative processes we can focus more on what we do best, search and analysis, and achieving our goal of mastering The Art of Finding.